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2010-02-20 15:25:31 by FullMoonClock

I might make a new flash soon. Depends on how I feel.

nothing at all

2009-07-10 21:01:15 by FullMoonClock

I don't know.

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2009-06-30 13:51:01 by FullMoonClock

I am making a website in Dream Weaver

New flash

2009-06-25 21:45:51 by FullMoonClock

Click on here to view it, okay?


2009-06-02 20:32:15 by FullMoonClock

Happy birthday!!!

action script

2009-06-02 07:43:17 by FullMoonClock

I've finally learned Actionscript! Woo-hoo!
Also, I have 6 questions done in my game.

the implausible quiz

2009-05-31 14:40:25 by FullMoonClock

I'm working on a tribute game to Splapp-Me-Do.
Here is the poster:

the implausible quiz


2009-05-27 19:09:30 by FullMoonClock

Is this a glitch?
Edit: It's now back to normal.

wide layout redisign

2009-05-26 20:20:03 by FullMoonClock

Do you like the new wide layout redesign?
I do.

new toon in progress

2009-05-02 15:41:59 by FullMoonClock

It will be done if I get off my lazy bum.

new toon in progress